Monday, September 26, 2011

Phase 1 Consultation Day

Phase 1 consultation day.
We were all so nervous of this day because we got no idea what will happen during the consultation.  Yeah, we know that it is just a consultation but we have to prepare something to meet the lecturers (consultants).

We were all freak out! Seriously freak out!!!

Since is still a presentation for us, so I have to make myself look good.  (I know I still don't look good... >.<)
Wanted to wear skirt and untie my hair, but the weather is so damn hot and I don't feel that I am suit in this so I change to this (picture below)
The mirror is really dirty, I think I should find one time and clean it so that I won't be looking so blurry when I take picture next time. XD
Then SW came in and joined me.  (I'm the one who asked her to take picture with me.  Aiya, first presentation for FYP ma... ngek!)
Take 1.
SW: why my face look like alien?!
Take 2
CY: I think the take 1 is better la.... XD

Alright after I 'solo', after we 'duet', is time for her to 'solo' too!
Take 1.
CY: why you always give me this pose de?!
SW: abo??? you want this pose? (showed me the pose like the pic below.)
One word.

Overall the presentation was not tough at all.  I was just a little bit of disappointed as only 3 lecturers who listened to us!  I wanted to hear more comments on how we gonna improvised our system, I don't mind of comments but since they didn't comment much, so I guess our system should be no problem!

p/s: someone told me that I look better without make up. What do you think?

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