Friday, September 16, 2011

Jogging Adventure

It is not really an adventure but it was the first time for her!  I can't tell who is she, but you can guess from this post.  I am pretty sure that you manage to guess because you are so clever!

Let's continue.
We went for jogging just now and since nobody would believe that she went jogging!  So we took a picture of her before we really start jogging.
First time for her and we jog in this weather.
But we never know that it will rain so heavily!
Btw, the beach is no longer that beautiful like last time, you can see the color of the sea turns to brown color!

I don't think we jogged until have way to Petronas because the rain came suddenly and we had to ran back immediately.
We were all become wet chicken when we manage to get ourselves safe from the rain.
Fuh, nice experience for her. XD

p/s: don't worry she is not a bad guy, she just doesn't want others to know is her. XD

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