Sunday, September 25, 2011

Relaxing And Work Hard Later

Yeah, I think my Laptop Battery did tell what happen to my adapter.  So I have to go to town to settle everything so that I can continue with my assignments.
First of all we went to have our breakfast and then walked all the way back to the computer shop to get myself a new adapter.
On the way, I saw angry bird!
Lynn said I look super alike with the angry bird especially when the beak of the angry bird is poked in... LoL  Do I look alike with the Big Red?

Then we walked ahead to UK (one of the 'shopping mall' here).  Went to few computer shop here and guess what? I'm so lucky that my adapter is actually no problem!  The problem is the power cord!!!  So basically I save around RM100 for the adapter and just change the power cord which cost me RM25.
(Huray!  The adapter still with us, battery.. you can get your best friend back~ ^^")

After that I bought myself a pair of new sport shoes since my sport shoes spoil liao and 4 of us get the same sport shoes! Walao!!!

The last thing we did yesterday in town.
We played UNO blocks and guess who make the blocks fell?
Ngek, you know I know la... =p
I was really happy and the whole cafe was full of our laughter and noisiness...
Tired but happy~

After playing for the whole day, is time to continue with my FYP dy...  Full, this is super tired!!!  But no pain no gain~ =D

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