Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Such An Evil Devil

I really do think I'm so evil and mean.  FML
I just got to know who is my roommate and I have to thanks to V for helping to check!  I don't know who is she, but I was very sure that she is SPKAL student.
I went to check in Facebook by using her name, but none of the result found!

I have another alternative way to search who is she.  I went to google homepage, and type her name out and search the image of her!
HuaHuaHua!  (I feel that I'm so clever!!!)
I found her name and also her picture.  Although her picture wasn't very clear, but at least I know who is she.

So I search for her contact number and called her to discuss about room exchange problem.
She is so busy that I couldn't really discuss with her.  I know I'm selfish to do this, but is not easy to stay with a stranger after so many years staying with people that we know!
I don't know how to say la... but is like if can I still hope I can stick with my ex-roommate.
It would be much more convenient if I can stay with my ex-roommate, but if nothing can change this, I also can't do anything.  I can't force her because she has the right!

I seriously feel that I'm super evil and mean.  Asking people to do things that they might dislike to!

p/s: please let me know if you don't really want to.  I really don't mind, really don't.

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