Wednesday, September 14, 2011

中秋节 Moon Cake Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.
Ya I know it is a little bit too late to wish now, but late better than nothing. =p

I have been celebrate this festival for 3 years without my lovely family.  Even that I only manage to celebrate without joy this year, can hardly really see my smile from my face.  Yet everything still went well at the end, at least I got moon cake eat and tang lung to play! (at least not that pathetic lo...)
Yesterday I went out town with a friend and shop for around 3 hours and went back room with tiredness.  Then I just realize that it was Mid-Autumn Festival, so I took out my moon cake which mama bought for me to bring back before I came back to this island.  (Fuh, luckily I have moon cake to eat, if not really sad die me because of loneliness and some more no moon cake to eat)
I brought some moon cake to my neighbour too!  We both eat together while watching movie that I gave her.

I don't want my last mid-autumn just passed like that, so I suggested to go out to have a walk out there.  Luckily we went out, because we manage to play with tanglung for awhile.  I didn't want to play Tang lung but they asked us to join and since I got nothing to do....

Just stayed there with them and took some pictures...
At least we both don't have to look at each other in the room and watch movie only... lol
We touched tanglung!

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