Thursday, September 15, 2011


Everything seem to be stable now at the moment.
All friends seem to have their room already.
Class started already and the rules for us are already changed and we can't skip any of the class or bar from finals.
Guess, we have to be super hardworking in this semester!!!

Alright, I know that this semester sounds horrible but from what seniors told us, this 2 semesters are horrible.
A professor told us that we need to manage our energy.
I really don't know whether I can do it... I am not sure whether we can really manage our energy well or not, but I believe that I will make myself to do it.

This last year gonna be tough for me, but this is also gonna be another turning point of my life.
If I do well in this last year, I gonna have better life and better environment when I graduate.
So, let's gambateh!

p/s: I'm scared too! but I wanna make myself fearless to FYP! =D

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