Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Me ♥

Hi people, realize is Sunday already.  Today can been say as the day of we can spend whole day together in the house.  Some how we still have 4 days to share the laughter together.

I don't know why the feeling of leaving home is no longer that strong like previous.  I used to be very emo when the day of going back to the island become nearer, but I don't know why I don't have the feeling yet.  Maybe still got 4 days to go!
No matter where am I, I wanna be as positive as possible! Shu shuh go away all negative~ ^^"

That day right after came back from grandma's house, I went facial with mama again!  Well, that was her first time went to Herbaline, but it was my second time there!  She got the promotion price RM38 while I got my student price RM48.
Mama loves and enjoyed her fish spa there! 
*Finally get to take my own picture~ ^^

Started to pack already, but not really pack... Because of the laziness in my body... @@
Can I don't bring anything then straight away go to Labuan? =p

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