Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back To Reality

Finally I'm here in Labuan.  I wanted to update this post so long ago, but I got no internet connect in my room! (I don't know why my laptop couldn't detect any of the wireless, but my friend can! wtf)
So I used my friend's laptop to online once awhile to avoid my karma drop.. =p

I moved twice once I reached here in Labuan to find my perfect 'homestay' and I finally found one!
Lucky me. =)
First few days are horrible to me, I couldn't sleep well at night but luckily I brought my favorite pillow here without mama's permission because she always stop me from bring that to Labuan.

First day here I have to carry my luggage up! That's really make me sweat like hell and I don't really exercise so I got muscle-ache! Fuh... (my luggage is 17.5kg)
Then the next day have to carry 3 damn heavy boxes from the store room where we put our stuff there for free.  When I got in there, I can hardly find my stuff!  The whole store is really a mess!  I really got no idea how others gonna take their belongings when they come back later.
I thought I can carry everything in one day cause I still got 4 boxes in another store which I have to pay for and at least stuff that I put there were safe.  But at the end I can only get them on the next day.
So continuously I have to carry my things up and down for 3 days!
That's really make me exercise and my arms are painful...

But luckily I came back early to this island, so at least when the class starts I don't have to suffer like that anymore.  (no offence)

Gonna continue my blog in the next post.... I'm having class later at 10.30am...

See ya!


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