Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sad Case

I got lots of problems facing right now.

First thing is my handphone battery.  I realized that my battery doesn't function very well ever since last semester.  I told daddy about this (since he repairs handphones), but he never seems to bother about this.  I know he might be too busy to take care our phones as he has his own business to go with.
I can't have long talk with mummy and I have to charge and charge and charge!  If I never make any call, then the battery might last for around 2 days, but if I make call then they battery will become empty in few minutes.

Alright, I assumed that as a small problem as it doesn't really affect me and my life here.

Second thing is my adapter.  My adapter seems to become older dy and it can't really function well.  Previous semester, I used to fix a place for my laptop and I don't have to bring in and out to use my laptop, so I didn't really realize what's wrong with my adapter or it started to have 'problem' that time.  This semester I have to move in and out just to get internet connection and this also make me realize that my adapter is really sick.
I have difficulty to make sure that my adapter receives current from the plug!
I know it seems like a small matter, but trust me, it is really difficult to make my adapter to connect to the current.
Damn difficult! >.

I got no choice.  I don't know who to seek for when I face this problem.  The only person who came in my mind is my dad!  I can only call him and seek for his help! (I know that he is too far away to help me and I should helping myself up!)
Sigh, I'm really too dependent on my family.  Seriously can't live without them. =(

Daddy said he will post me the battery and the adapter.  Hopefully I will receive them soon.
Seriously feeling helpless at this moment...

p/s: really have to make myself even tougher... because I can hardly find a person here to help me when I really need help... =(

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