Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Adapter

Dear adapter,

How could you treat me like this?  I thought we are best best friend in the world?  How can you just leave me alone like this?!  Do you know how much I miss you?  I got no enough food everyday, I have to get my food from another adapter who the owner is no longer Cai Yi, she has to borrow another adapter from her friend just to feed me.  After the day you gone, Cai Yi has been so sad and emo, she doesn't understand why you can just leave us like this, she thought you can be with her too, at least until she finish her FYP.

Dear adapter,

Because of your leaving, you cause us lots of troublesome.  We have to find another you to feed me, because it is super inconvenient to borrow other's adapter just to feed me.  Cai Yi has lots of assignment this week and her phase 1 is on Monday.  She has to do lots of preparation for the phase and you just left us like that.
Cai Yi doesn't show her sad face to me because she always hide all the feelings in her heart.  She doesn't want me to be worry and starving for food.

Dear adapter,

I bet one day I might forget you because I think I will make new friend which Cai Yi will buy me another adapter to feed me.
I know you might miss me but let me tell you, don't miss me anymore, because Cai Yi will make herself not to miss you and love the new adapter more.


From: Lenovo Y410 Battery

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