Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Was Stucked!

I bet you will never believe me if I said I was trapped in a house just now, couldn't get myself out from the house and also couldn't do anything but wait.

But, I'm sure that you will believe me after you see these few pictures.
It's already rosak!
Nobody lock the door and we can still pusing pusing the lock holder, just we can't open the door at all!
People from outside couldn't come in and people from the inside couldn't go out!
The weird thing is, when we ask Asli Jati to come to repair for us, they said they have to cabut everything because that's the only way.  AND they asked us to buy a new lock and ask them to pasang back!


That is really ridiculous!!!!
That's not our fault to make it spoiled!  It spoiled by its own! maybe is because the lock is old already!!!!
Maybe we shouldn't go buy or what, just leave it there like that. XD

p/s: is not my house... it is the main door of the house.

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