Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's Us Shine

I feel like I'm so dead for this semester.  I didn't know that this semester would be this tough! I thought the only toughness would be FYP only!!!

Alright, the sun still shinning, remain shinning.
the cloud is trying so hard to block the sun from shinning so bright.
The sun will stop shine brightly?
The sun still shines brightly, to brighten up everything on the ground.

No matter what happen.
Maybe you will get trouble in whatever thing,
whatever whatever whatever what happen.
Remember to shine yourselves.
Make yourselves to be happy than before.
Because this is the only way to make yourselves better than before.

This is not your mistake, don't be sad of this.
Because he/she is the one who give up on you, his/her lost!

So, smile~

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