Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely! ♥

I had been so lazy today, I skipped my morning exercise!  Yet I still wake up early and had breakfast with mama.
(Left 3 days)
This Friday I gonna leave the warmest place the lovely place of mine to a strange yet full of adventures island.
I must enjoy my last few days here with happiness, laughter and joyful.  I must say: negative mood sshuu shhuu go away!
Everybody is treating me like a princes as I gonna leave home for like one year time, enjoy our last few days with warmest love!
Mummy said I can have any food as my dinner!  So I choose not to cook as I was so lazy after so many days of holiday... (I don't have to cook when I was in grandma's house because my aunt was there to cook! =p)
With evil thought, I decided to have western food as my dinner! ♥
Finally I have the chance to have my dinner at Sherwood, which located beside Pantai Selamat supermarket.
I went there twice before this, the first time was when I went with family but there were no seat for us.  The second time was before Raya, when I went with a friend of mine, they didn't open. =.=
This is the third time, and I finally get the chance to eat what's so special in there.
I ate lots of vege just now, and the potion of the food doesn't look a lot, but it was difficult for me to finish up my food. @@
I was so damn full, but the food was great! I will definitely go there again. =)
The salad that we had was Avocado Shrimp! and it was the first time I eat avocado, the taste of it is nice! =))
I am very sure that I will go there again! =))

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  1. it's ur first time eating avocado? haha... it's my favorite!
    the moustache looks nice on u leh! haha...
    anyway, add me in FB ok? :)

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey