Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Born Baby!

Feeling so excited now, I mean super excited!!!! I can even jump here and there already!!! ^.^
My auntie just gave birth a baby boy!!! Can you feel my joy!!! Ah....!!

Called mummy today and just knew that auntie went to the hospital yesterday but the baby boy is 'naughty' and wanna play inside her mama's stomach.  (I think he feels the stomach warmer than outside. XD)  Uncle messaged me far from Singapore to inform me that the baby is now in the world.  Today he finally come to this world!  A world that full of mysteries and adventures!!!  

When I saw the message of telling me he is here already, I feel so touch!  I can still feel the excitement!  I even feel want to cry!  I don't know why... Maybe it is because I imagine of how mummy gave birth on me when I heard the news!  Argh... how can you treat badly towards your mummy!  

I seriously wish I can buy flight ticket and fly to Singapore now, I want to be there!  Why la I'm still studying... =.=

Never mind, nothing important than wishing them stay healthily and baby, please grow up faster!!! Don't be so naughty!!! (I wonder whether the baby will play with me or not if I go back and meet him cause it will be another 2 years time for me to go visit them!)  

Baby needs to sleep... and I need to sleep now too!!
Good night~ 

p/s: I bet I will have good night sleep tonight. =)

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