Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Dinner Out There

This has been my first dinner outside!  I never believe that I can stand for this long, eating food from the cafe in the campus and stay in campus cooking myself!  
Wow!  Miracle! XD
Few days didn't have nice sleep and didn't drink enough water, this cause me have dark circle and big eye bag! =(  Pimples are also visiting me!  Ah.....  I never have so many pimples come to visit me in the same time before! ='(((

Never mind, I still have to have my nice dinner!  I didn't really go out nicely this semester, most of the time I also stay in the hostel!  =(  No auto car for me and this make me feel like I'm in the jail although I have friend to bring me out once a while.  I hate it when I have to rely on friend, when I can't do something by myself. =(
Why la I can't drive manual car? @@

Some how, I still had my wonderful dinner although only so few of us.  Food are always delicious because what matter is who you are eating with! =D
Simple dishes but I am super satisfied with that.  They made me so full! =)

I want to go eat again, can we?  Er... Maybe after November?  Or maybe after FYP Project 1?

p/s: this semester really sucks. =(

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