Friday, November 11, 2011

A Story That Couldn't Be Told, But Write

Paige, Ginger and Anne are good friends.  They have most of their free time together.  Ginger always gives both of her friends a wrong impression of she gain weight very fast and lost weight very fast.  Maybe today Anne say Ginger looks swollen in the morning, but in the evening, Ginger looks normal!  We thought Ginger got some problem with her health.  Both Paige and Anne thought Ginger might have edema.  

Anne knows what cause edema, it usually happened because of kidney problem and pregnancy.  She knows that well as she got relative who facing kidney problem and her auntie is now pregnant and both of her relatives got this symptoms too!  So Anne and Paige asked Ginger to seek for doctor to find out what is the problem.

Finally they have the free time to go out to find out what is the problem that what 'disease' is Ginger facing.  "Hi, may I help you?"  "Oh, I would like to seek the doctor regarding my disease, I think I have edema."  says Ginger when the nurse at the counter asked her.  The nurse at the counter was shocked to hear Ginger says that!  Then quickly Ginger replies, "oh, my friend told me that I got edema."  Paige was the one who accompany Ginger to clinic as Anne feels lazy to go out.  Paige was shocked but she didn't show out her response on her face on what Ginger told the nurse.

Then is Ginger's turn to go in.  Paige stays outside since she can do nothing even she goes in.  Once Ginger goes in, "hey girl, do you know what is edema?  Edema is because of .....".  The doctor begins to explain how edema bring about.  "Who told you that you have edema?"  The doctor asks her.  "My friend, my friend told me that I have edema since my weight is so irregular.  My weight can raise and drop very fast!"  The doctor was laughing and she asked her to explain to her friend, Paige on what is edema.  "Oh, my friend is just outside!"  So Ginger brought Paige in.  The doctor asked Paige's age and what she is studying.  The doctor laughed!  "Wow, an IT student told her friend she has edema!  What a big joke is that!"  Guess that's what the doctor laughing and thinking that time!  Paige was so shocked when Ginger asked her to go into the room as she thought maybe the doctor also want to check up whether she has edema too!  But when the doctor asked her how she knows and notice Ginger has edema, she was so speechless...

Ginger continue her body check up.  She went to weight her weight and recorded 58kg. Since she needs to do urine test, the doctor asked her to drink water to take the urine test.  She got 59kg after she drank water!  When she back from the toilet she weight again, she got back 58kg!  Wow!  Paige was surprise about this that her weight can control by drink water!  Fuh!

The story ends here.

Do you guys get what is the story meant by?  I do.  If I'm Paige I have already scolded Ginger because of her stupid-ness.  I wonder how Paige can control her emotion so well!  Urgh...  I personally think Ginger doesn't have to ask Paige goes into the room or tell the doctor that her friend who told her she has edema was outside!  This so ridiculous.  Ginger can tell Paige after she finished everything with the doctor nice and privately, not in front of the doctor!  Paige needs face!!!  

Alright, maybe I'm too emotional as well.  I got nothing to do with this and I shouldn't take it seriously.  Sometimes there are things that we should take seriously and there things that we shouldn't.  Seriously got no idea what is in Ginger's mind!  (right right! I souldn't care!)

p/s:  This is just a story.  If there are any story who familiar with this, just a coincidence.

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