Saturday, November 12, 2011

Everything Heighten

I don't know since when I started to heighten things and even my emotion.  Heighten up their weaknesses, heighten their negatives.  I really don't know when I started to behave like this.  I'm seriously a bad dumb ass.

I never thought that this person that I have already know for 2 years can be the person that I'm thinking now!  A person who was nice, I thought, become a person who is selfish, always take advantages from the others and even become a person who easily remember on others when someone accidentally makes this person angry.

I have heightened everything.  I never think that whenever this person ask me to do things is actually his/her habit of taking advantage from me to help him/her to complete the uncompleted task.  
I wonder.  

Maybe is my problem after all, thinking people's weaknesses instead of their strengths!  

Do you ever face the problem like what I'm facing now?  Someone you know and when you first met him/her, you thought he/she is a nice person, but time flies, or something happen, his/her real identity float.  The feeling of that moment is like suddenly this person of you were knowing has become a stranger.

Yeah, I think so.
But, sometimes ignore your feeling and just go ahead and pretend nothing can make your life better. 

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