Thursday, November 3, 2011

My New Baby

Finally I got my new baby!
Aww... I wanted this for so long and finally it's mine!
Nice isn't it?
I love them so much! There are so colourful!!!
It is not big as what I thought, it is so small...
Can compare with my finger.  It is smaller than 20 cents but bigger than 10 cents.  I thought it would be bigger than 20 cents and smaller than 50 cents! LoL!! So big difference.  This big difference make me feel selfish to not to share with friend. XD  
I have been wishing this for more than a year and finally I got this and it is hard for me to share this to others, plus the amount of each colour is so small!  Ops, maybe I'm too selfish. 

I tried the color on my face together with my new liquid eye liner.  I never really use a liquid eye liner on my face, only on friend's face.  Even this liquid eye liner, the first use was also not on my face! 
I know this make up is a little bit weird, but this is my first try without looking or copying in any tutorial in Youtube! 
The colour for my eye shadow is purple, pink and blue.  I like this three colours especially purple, that's why I choose this as my eye shadow for this make up.  The eye liner! Alright, I know my hand was shaking, I still don't really know how to control on using liquid eye liner!  Well, practice makes perfect, I gonna do more practice on this. =) (I think pencil eye liner suits me more!)
This is so not like me! 
Haha, but I just like to play with stuff like this. =p

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