Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Half Way Through The Holiday

We have one week holiday.  Most of our friends have already gone home and some of them enjoying traveling out there, while I choose to stay in the campus, facing the same people, same routine and same environment.  I didn't want to go out, first thing is because the holiday is too short, and my FYP supervisor gave me an assignment which I haven't start yet (the assignment needs time, really time constraint)  


It has been half way of the holiday and I have done nothing except for eat, cook, sleep and yesterday hand in an assignment proposal.  I know this doesn't sound proud because it is not!  I should have done more assignment in this holiday but I didn't.  Bad Cai Yi.

There are lots more assignment waiting for me but guess what I am doing this few days?  I played games, make up and hair style!  What the heck I'm doing?  Some how, I can't reject myself doing those thing because that are my interest and hobbies!  


Friends are having holiday but they are actually adding their life more colors but I didn't add any color into my life but onto my face! (make up make my face looks colorful)  Today I'm going to learn something from my friend about cookings.  I love make delicious dishes, but I never be perfect.  Today gonna learn something that I already know but I never really use the right way to create it.  Hahaha
(Stay tuned if you want to know what I'm going to do today)

Later on, there will be housework waiting for me to be done.  
Today made my first try on the RED BEAN PORRIDGE.  I never tried that before until just now.  It's nice! hahaha.  Gonna make some for mummy when I back home, I bet she misses my cooking. =p

I must utilize the half holiday left!  Or else I bet I will regret about this.  

p/s: enjoy ya holiday <3
p/s: xoxo

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