Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Don't Look GOod

Some one told me that I'm beautiful yesterday.  This not the first compliment already, even my sister also will say that sometimes and added at the end there "BUT IF YOU BECOME THINNER THEN YOU WILL BE PERFECT ALREADY".
So whenever who tell me that I'm beautiful or pretty, I will just take it as compliment and say thank you but I will never take it serious, because I don't think I'm pretty with this body size. =(  

Lots of friends keep telling me that I don't look fat.  Ah... Com'on la, I know my condition well, I don't look fat but I look big size!  For me this is the same meaning.  I know I'm big bone, love to eat and I am lazy to exercise, so I don't blame it, just stop telling me that I'm good in this look, because I'm not satisfied with this.  

A friend of mine she is short, but overweight.  Guess what, nobody tell her that she is fat, but when I stand beside her, everybody says I'm fat.  Do you know why? That's because I look so big and she looks so small.  That makes different. @@!!!  
Ah... I just felt a little bit of annoyance when people tell me I look good as I know I'm not.  Because I will feel that that's a lie.

Who doesn't want to look good?  I bet most of us want ourselves to look better, and some of them just satisfy with how they are now.  I'm the one who want myself to become better. >"<

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