Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sharing on First Trial

This is the first trial of mine of cooking dhall.  Hehe! I'm so proud of myself because manage to make them tasty even though this is the first time for me!  (Mummy, you should be right here so that I can cook for you! miss you soooo much... *sob sob*)

I wanted to cook dhall before I come back to Labuan, but I got no time for that as I got so many food that I want to learn and cook for my family.  Finally I got my chance here to cook myself.  I never know that I will cook this dish one day, it was so sudden that I was craving for dhall then I looked for recipe only and finally got my own 'to buy list' and bought all the ingredient just now when we went out!

If you want to try out by your own, here is the simplest recipe.  (I ignore all the difficult part of the recipe that I found from Google, cause I am lazy and want to save cost. =p  So if you want to find for full recipe, you can Google search for that! =D)

Go to the nearest shop to find:
tomato (if you want to put)

Seriously, that's the only thing you need.  I am not very good in cooking, but I used the ingredients above to cook, it gave me a 'NICE' result.  So I don't really care about what 'rempah' that I should be including although I know those will make my dish better.

Cook dhall until it becomes nearly mashed, then put in your carrots, potato and cabbage and cook them until they become soft then only put salt and sugar until you satisfy with the taste.  Super easy right?
Haha, I just ate that with white rice and it's fulling!
Actually if you want, you can add eggplant and some dry chilies to make them tastier!  

I forgot to take picture of it after I done cooking.  @@

Anyway, happy trying~

GOod Luck. =p

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