Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cooking Time~

Finally get the chance of learning all this after the long wait.  We wanted to start this during the holiday but since I was doing my assignment, so everything postponed to the day we free!
Today we gonna make DONUTS and NASI LEMAK!  I never make donuts before, and this is my first time!  While nasi lemak, I make them without using any santan because mummy say santan is unhealthy and after discussion with bro and sis, so they decided not to take santan.  But this time, the nasi lemak that we made is with santan! =D
It become bigger size because of the yeast!  
Cool huh?
First, DONUTS!
I can't really remember the ingredient.  I remembered I put flour, yeast, margarine, sugar, milk powder and etc.  (I just realized we don't need any eggs for donuts!!!  So those who are having skin allergy who can't eat any egg, you can eat DONUTS!!!)
I even made weird weird shape!  Haha, my 'teachers' kept laughing at me as I make all weird weird shape.  That's creativity la... hehe (I know they are ugly)
Woots!  Sambal making time!!!  I'm really surprise with the ingredient that they put, because I never know they put that too!  Guess what they put?  They put soy sauce, chili sauce, sauce 'tiram'...  Wow!!!  I also surprised about that!
After all, the food was nice!  I love homemade nasi lemak, you can add anything you want!  If the nasi lemak we ate just now can add together with curry chicken, that would be superb!  While eating all the delicious food, I was thinking of going back home fast!  I can't wait to share this tasty food to my family, I want to make this for them too!!!
NASI LEMAK with DONUTS!  Do you want some?  Haha, I think next time... I ate all the remaining nasi lemak and donuts, because they are just too delicious already!  (I don't care I will gain weight or not because of tonight, it was too delicious until I can ignore of the diet plan. =p)

Ah... Food = Paradise for me.  How can human leave without food?

p/s: happy eating. <3

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