Monday, November 7, 2011

Flat Iron

My auntie gave me a flat iron when I was in Singapore.  I love to make those hair style, make up thingy, so I decided to bring the flat iron to Labuan so I can play with it when I'm free. =)

I am so grateful that I brought the flat iron here, cause I have already used it for many times and I surprised that flat iron can also use as curling iron!  You can find they way how to use flat iron to curl your hair in Youtube. =D

I have long long hair but is straight, my parent doesn't allow me to curl my hair that she said I will regret if I curl it.  She even asked why I want to make my hair curled as my hair is so long and straight.  I got nothing to say, but just answer her with one answer that is I want to change my look!  Still, I haven't really curl my hair permanently because I don't think my hair is long enough for that, maybe after a year, after I graduate, I will curl my hair permanent. =)
(the above picture) 
I did this hair style when I was in Singapore (Johor actually because that day went into Johor for one day trip then gone back to Singapore again) by hair stylist.   
And this one, I did it all by myself by using flat iron! Man! I'm so good!!!! *proud*
Oh, I know my fringe has already grown longer...  But I don't really dare to cut my fringe or hair in Labuan, so I will let the length become longer and cut them when I go back home.

p/s: so coincidence! It was the same shirt! XD

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