Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recently I...

Recently I have addicted to a game (thanks to Syn Wei and Lynn!!!)  The game not just made me sit down in front of my laptop for an hour without going anywhere but also made me forget all my assignment!  Seriously it really released my stress but also gave me feel guilty of not doing assignment or homework. 

The game is in Facebook called Tetris Battle, you can search in Facebook to go to the application then you can play already.  I still remember when the first time I play this game was in grandma's house.  It is not a very interesting game but it is a very time consuming game where you can sit down there whole day just to play the game.  
Since the game boy spoiled, I never get to play this game anymore until recently both of them playing like crazy and make me join this crazy, stupid, wasting time but stress releasing game.  Now I can't let go from this game and I have to start control myself or I will be come monster who can't leave without this game!

There are something else here.
So many assignment!  But I still got time play games!  Kill me please... =(

p/s: I hate third year life... =( 
p/s: third year life doesn't seem to please me at all... =((

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