Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I never know that third year can be this busy.  I have been continuously a week didn't get enough sleep, my eye bag is bigger than last time.  I always have my eye bag, is genetic... @@ but now they become bigger!!! #$#$@$@%!
I really no idea how come seniors were so free when they were in final year?  How come I'm so busy like hell?!!  Conclusion is ----> my time management sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Can you believe that I have already 10 days didn't update my blog!!!!! omg!!! 
There are so many things for me to update, but to update a post really takes me lots time, cause I need to have good mood and nice mood to update!.  

Today is the last midterm for this semester.  It was really tough and I never know that I have to face 2 subjects of programming subjects, that's really gonna take my sweet sweet time on revising them. =(  Programming really not my field.  I'm so not into it... *sob sob*

Although all the midterm test has done, but this Friday has another assignment to hand in... 
Argh.... I have to be stronger to get through all this leh... =((

Will update soon, cause now gonna sleep... Tomorrow morning got to wake up early for that assignment!

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