Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Are Punctual!

One day three girls are walking to the school.  The school starts at 8 in the morning.

Before they go to school, Girl A says.

A: Eh, later make sure we are not late because we have been late to school for the past 2 days!
B & C: okay okay!
B: By the way, it is still very early lo! still got more than 30 minutes leh...

After around 10 minutes waiting for C to change and prepare.

A: Faster lo!
B: Why you so slow one?!
C: hanna hanna... can go liao la... ==

While walking to the school.

A: eh what time already ah?
B: yalo, I got the feeling of we are late already ah?
C: no la... still early, is only 8am.
A & B: #$#^@$%$%@#@! our school starts at 8am and now you say this is still early?!

p/s: A & B didn't actually F C, but they laugh out loud because of the super lame 'joke'.

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