Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fcuk It

It is really like a super not good day for us, I mean today.  I mean seriously, I really don't know what is going on!  

This started in the afternoon when we were waiting for the rented car.  Storm came to attack us!  It was lasting for around 30 minutes because the rented car was late for 30 minutes! Ah, wasting my time!  Once the car was there, we get into the car quickly and drove quickly to our hostel since we our main purpose is to fetch our friend to airport!  (yeah, she is going back home.)  

Here come the main issue!

It was raining, there was no security guard there so we assumed that we can go in to our hostel!  (that time was really like cats and dogs!)  After we put the luggage into the car and drove down to the guard house (we have to pass through the guard house before going out from the campus), the ass hole guard doesn't allow us to go through with the excuse that we didn't get permission of going into the hostel.  F it la, he didn't do his duty and he blame that on us.  He should have stand outside there, why he stand inside?  then now he blamed us that we go in just like that.  =.=

It was still raining, so we just scroll down the window and talked to the guard like that, but the ass hole guard acting like he can't hear anything.  WTF!  TNB!!! Who he thinks he is?  Fu*k it!  I wanted to go down, but my friend went down, I know I can't go down, because I would have scolded the guard.  I know I can't control myself in that situation.  
Still, the guard finally let us go out after my friend kept say sorry.
Usually it is very difficult for us to drive car inside the hostel and it is easy for us to go out, but today seems to be reverse problem occur! @@

I seriously don't understand why can the guard does his job like that?  Is that a proper way of doing his job?  I wonder is there any way of complain about this?  I doubt I can success on doing this as this is not the first complain I got from my friends.  They told me that this guard (I mean this guard, not all the guard behaved like him), he is very arrogant.  I just never know that he will be acting in this way.

p/s: seriously ass hole!  

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