Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lunch + Dinner!

I never know that three regular pizza for 4 people, we can make as lunch + dinner!  I thought I am a super eater that I can eat a lot, a lot means I can eat two persons meal at once, but actually I can't...

Few days ago, I saw this picture sharing among friends in Facebook.
Written there we can have three pizzas with only RM60 where 2 regular cheesy bites and a pan pizza.  (I love cheese and this really delight me!)  Since we missed the first promotion, so we decided to fulfill ourselves with this promotion! 
(First Promotion which ended on last week)
We brought the pizza back and make mushroom ourselves.  It was like staying home watching movie with pizzas instead of popcorn!  Whole week stress just gone like that!  yeepie~
Cheese taste good but when too much of them they taste yucks!  Still the cheese has delighted me. =D  especially the last part of the pizza!  (I dislike the cheese ball as the cheese ball taste more to creamy cheese than the cheese we usually eat.)

We ate pizzas together with mushroom soup... mm~ mm~
After we finished the pizzas, we made our own lemonade!  After the salty and cheesy pizza should continue with something sour to help digest food!  Hehe~
From 3pm we started to have our 'lunch', supposed to be late lunch I know =p and we have them until 6pm!  I never know we can eat that long! Fuh!!!

Seriously enjoyed that moment. =D

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