Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's Going On

Really excited because I know that I only work for half day today. As I told you that I am only wasting my GOLD time and their GOLD money if I continue working at there.

I told the person incharge yesterday that I will off in the afternoon, but my grandmother called me at 11.15am that she had reach the bus station. Lol, at that time I was still eating, curry today. Kinda rush. I think I only used 5 minutes to finish my lunch. Isn't it miracle? No la, is actually I take very little of rice cause I got the feeling that my grandma was going to reach very soon. Mana tau, I only have the second bites, she called.

Before having my lunch, I was doing my own things. Read newspapers and making some notes for myself. Then I asked some of the students to read some English words as they are too noisy. Suddenly something came out from my nose. I got no flu already and I'm sure that I am not running nose. So I thought that it might be blood, but I never had blood from nose before. But when I wiped the liquid off, the colour that I saw is abit yellowish. So I am sure that it isn't blood.

It is kinda dangerous I guess because it might be liquid from the brain, but of course I hope that it is just normal. I don't want to become a patient in the next second. I got lots of things that I haven't done yet. But lots of probability came out from my mind.
Till now I only tell a friend of mine and to this blog. Just pray la, do things that I wanna do now....

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  1. Probably a sinus infection, however, there are possibilities of it being brain or spinal fluids. Go check an ER if this continues. Eat more vitamin C and less sugar in your diet, it should help in general.