Monday, April 13, 2009



Early in the morning I have been wake up by my sister and ask me to go for breakfast together. After I wake up I really think deeply whether choose to go together or not. After the deep thinking, I decided to go together la. Actually I really lazy to go because last night I slept at 3:30am, it is really tiring.

After the celebration last night, Grace and I decided to go to Yi-Tsiang's house again today. I know that it is nonsense and ridiculus but I really want to spend time with Grace. At 10am, I reach his house and he told me that he is having stomachache and run to the toilet for three times liao. Lol. Maybe he ate too much last night liao... haha

At 6:30pm, I went for shopping, but in the end I only bought a pair socks. Lol. Eat my dinner at E.C.Mall. I wanted to eat at the food court there de, but the environment make me feel not to eat... and there really got nothing eat la... After shopping, buy ice cream to eat. But in the end, I didn't get to eat it. sien..zzzz

Wanted to hang out till mid-night, but I didn't because my mummy ask me to be home earlier. I really sien liao when she said that. I got no choice but go back home early. I went home at 10pm something. And in the end I miss alot of funny thing. Really sien lo.....

I don't care liao, I want to hang out till mid night today, unless.... (ehem, I also dunno)

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  1. Just a piece of advice- You should really concern about your shopping habit. It's going to kill you eventually. Sincerely, I think you dont know how to spend your money well.