Monday, April 27, 2009


Actually I have open to this website since days ago. I wanted to update my blog on friday night when I was still in KL, but I was too tired and when I wanted to post a post, I will feel my eyes become very heavy...

Same as yesterday night and Saturday night, I reached home after 12am and I was driving alone back home. @.@ (mummy sure will give lecture to me very soon). I told her that I got some friends that I respect very much are coming to Kuantan and this is a very good opportunity to listen to their sharing. And I really love you mummy for being so understanding.

Beside that, I also really very miss someone. I know that this person is very busy on doing her own thing and sometimes forget to sms me, but he/she sms someone else... feel jealous.... @.@ no la, just kidding nia la. I know that you got super sms with him ma... I forgive you lo... ^.^

Kind enough right?? Hehe.... Actually I wanted to call you, but I already run out of credit liao.. Really paiseh, some more I said I will sms you in the mid-night so that you will be no scared... Really sorry, cause I didn't make my promise...

That day I just back from KL (I stay in KL for around 4-5 days and I really did lots of breakthrough), then I terus mandi after Jie fetch me home. After cleaning myself, I went out again. Actually it is really tiring but I really happy to have this kind of life. ^.^

Just hope all my dreams will come true after all the tough thing I have done for this time. I really hope I can get what I want. Hope all of you support me... Muackssss~~~

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