Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

It was Miss Irene's birthday. I didn't know that I will go to celebrate with her at the first place, because I feel that it is very 'mafan'. Then Kee said got yamcha so I asked him to fetch me there then only got the chance to go Miss Irene's celebration.

I didn't give her anything, just share the cakes among others. It is not too expensive and can consider as the cheapest birthday present ever for someone, really pai seh.

All keep taking photos, it is kinda sad because don't have a camera. If I do have, sure I will bring and capture lots of photos with them. So I don't have single photos with me right now. Only with them, those who brought camera.

Happy Birthday Miss Irene, I'm sorry for not bring you any present to you. But I wish all the best for you and hope you will be happy always.

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