Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm now in KL as you know. I should have bring my laptop here!!!!!! I wanted to online since yesterday night when I reach my friend's house, but I don't know why I have difficulty on signing in my MSN account.

Whenever the laptop is with me, I will sure sign in my MSN. Even though I was working last time. Last time when I reached home, my first word came out from my mouth will be :"Hey, help to online now". But now I can't online at here, really very sad.

Sigh, maybe it is because facial problems. My friend got no problems in signing in her MSN account, but I do. How come!!!! It is unfair!!!! I want beronline!!!! Ehem, is it laptop problems or face problem leh??

I am trying the 5th time to sign in my MSN, I really feel frustrated on keep on signing in and get the result ---> TROUBLESHOOT.. Oh no!!! not again. I think I need to retry thousand times then I only can berMgroup liao...


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