Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last Day Of Working

It is really very very sad when the business admin told me that I better resign on 15th instead of 17th and this will help them in doing their account.
I really feel sad when she told me about that, but I still pretend that I'm very fine with her decision. Because I don't want to let her feel that they fire me, I want them to feel that I fire them!!!

And today is the last day of working at there, I took the opportunity to take some pictures with those children so that when I miss them I can still look at those pictures...

There are the boys from standard 1 till 3.

The girls who in the age between standard 1 till 3 too.

I like this boy most. He is only standard 1 and likes to play around. Always late to nursery and scolded by teacher. Haha, very cute boy.

Lee Cher Yuan. I still remember when I worked at there last time when I was in form 3, we used to call this girl "grandmother". This is because she really a very ngam cham girl.... But she is really very cute too.

She is very good in presentation, performing. She always get prizes in competition.

Boring, that's why I snap some pictures~~~~~ Haha~~

Miu Yang. The biggest size among all the year 6 children. He always tell me to call him 'meow' because his chinese name is called 'mao yang' which is cat and goat in English...

Look at his big big face... haha
I told him that today is my last day, he said I'm blufing him. Lol, he some more say that I balik kampung ny.... hahaha

I will miss his massage. He always massage me when I am marking books and when he finished doing his homework..

Doing their homework.... So hardworking....

They love to take pictures too.....

And now these are the pictures from year 5, I didn't teach them but I love them a lot and they are really very cute...

Owen Kang Kang~~~


Foo and I

Four of us, they really do like to take pictures alot!!! (Foo, me, Chun, and Owen Kang Kang)

Ah Chun really like to take pictures. He keep on asking me to take more and more pictures of him.... Haha

I love him a lot!!!

Lol, Owen's looked like kena paksa.... haha

Ah Chun again.... =.=

Ah Chun, Superman!!!!!~~~


Haha, why he looked at me like that??

mmmm, this 1 looked better...

AhChun wanna to take pictures again.... Lol...

Lee Cher En, Cher Yuan's brother. The most innocent boy i ever met.

All the year 6 children...

Looking at what o??? haha so cute...


Ah Yo~~~

AH Mo~~

So difficult I only can pujuk him to take pictures... haha

Camera shy.... T.T

Ng Jun Yi...
Taking pictures with them is really tiring.
Today is Wednesday and I having OT today which I need to wait the children back home I only can go back.
The terrible thing is, rain heavily today. I really hate the rain, because of the rain I become all wet. Really wet....
Today is the last day I work there, can't believe the God wanna fall some water to the Earth... Lol... nonsense... craping all the way... haha
Anyway, I should be glad that I have choose to make myself free because staying at there for the whole day doing nothing is really tiring and boring. Wasting my golden time too...
Happy Holiday~~~

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