Sunday, April 19, 2009


I promise Grace to go watch competition at SEMSAS. Since I have already resign, so I went with her yesterday morning. The day before she smsed me and told me that she will come to fetch me at around 7.30am. I was like, wow so early...=.= hehe

I am sure for one thing. I'm not regret to follow her to SEMSAS. I really spend my time there usefully. So happy.

This is the picture when Grace was listening to the SEMSAS students praticing.

We were taking pictures in the toilet, but dun worry about us, cause the toilet is very clean and no smelly smell.

After the SEMSAS finished their performance, we went to the hall to take some pictures...

An ungly ghose is attacking Grace... Hehe

Grace keep on asking me to open my eyes when taking pictures. But I really do open my eyes la... I know that my eyes very small....
But I did record down all the song of the performance... I really like those song so much.... @.@

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