Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lots of questions pop up into my mind recently. I beg that you will sure ask what kind of questions that will pop up into my mind?? But I really don't know how to express them out. So, I choose to bury them back into my mind.

I wondering why bad things always happen to friends that stay around me?
  1. Last time when I was in Afzan School. St. John in Afzan was shit in our year, but when I was out from that school, St. John become good like last time.
  2. Then when we went into form 6 life, I thought that I can be active in St. John again. But again, St. John in SMART didn't go well in our year and lots of conflict occurs.
  3. Making lots of problems and things didn't go very well in the nursery that I work.
  4. And now, I bring bad lucks to my friends. I'm sure that I'm the person who cause her having bad times lately and now more and more problems are out causing her so stressful.

I believe that if I leave them far far away maybe things will become much more better. But how I going to do that? I'm sure will miss all the moments when we were play fools and chit chating together....

Just hope that I can help them to overcome those problems that she is facing. I really hope I can help, but everytime when she tells me the problems that she is facing, I can't help, I don't even know how to help. All I can do is open my heart wide wide and open my ears wide wide to listen to what she says. Because this is the only way I can help her feel much better....

God Bless Her...


  1. Basically you've lighten her a few just by listening to her problems because it's not everyone good enough to share problems with the rest, rather than swallow up the whole thing by herself. (Obviously, I'm talking about you) As for the part, which you cant help, that's another issue. Seek legal advice from psychologist/ elder/ close friends if she really needs help (Obviously, I'm referring you again). One more thing, I dont know why you like scape goat yourself and dont let go off the pass. (Hey, you're the one who asked her to let go off it and look at you now). Well, I wont make any comment for her problem as I dont even know what's going wrong in her life.

  2. i really very blur on your comment..... aiks...

  3. sis, dont blame on yourself, everyone has their own problems and obstacles to face in life.
    you cant be the one to bring god or bad lucks to someone as this is decided within the law of universe..
    settle your own problem n remember..... RYTHM- Raise Yourself To Help Mankind