Sunday, April 5, 2009

Qing Ming

Sleep late last night. Really feel lucky I can fall asleep because of the movie. I really can't forget the face of those Allien in the movie 'Knowing'. But since I'm really tired, I fall asleep at around 2am this morning. Mid-night.

Wake up at 7 in the morning today and I was very blur at that time. When I wake up that time I was wondering what day it is, and thinking whether I need to go for work or not... Really very blur that time. I need to anlyse properly to notice that today is Sunday, so I continue my sleep with Mr. Chou.
Until nearly 9 in the morning, my mom came into my room and wake me up because we were going to Jabor for 'Qing Ming'. After a quick rush, we started our journey there and reached there at around 10 in the morning.

There were lots of people compared to the last year we went there. I done nothing there except standing there and observed. At the end I observed nothing. Lol... Telling the truth I don't really like to go this kind of place. I feel that it is polluting the evironment by burning all those papers and all those 'money'. But I can't say anything there, because they got pantang and they say it is not good to do so either. Beside polluting the environment, the smog also makes my eyes watery. Is not crying but I feel uncomfortable with it.

We didn't stay there for long, because the place is really full of people. We went home at around 11.40 something in the morning, then take our bruch in Medan Selera.

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