Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Way From Kuantan To KL

So excited because this is the first time I going to KL alone.. Huhuxxxxx......
I was abit shock when I reached bus station because I'm the only one who waiting there for the bus to KL. So I ma think that may be is because those people havent arrive lo, since not all the people in the world are that punctual as me ma.... Hehexxx

But after the bus start moving I was like

Wah.... nobody going to KL meh?? Zadao!!! The number of people in the bus only got 4 people including the bus driver... geng leh.... zadao!!!

Really empty de lo.... this is the prove, if you don't believe then i got nothing to say liao lo... But here is the prove, takkan I want to pakat with the passenger to let me to take pictures meh....

The way I sit is soooooo comfortable... HAha
I can sit whatever I like, because the bus is so empty.... Hahaha

Ehem.... Thanks to Ah Kee for helping me to buy the whole bus journey which I can sit so comfortable... He said that the other 3 persons in the car are my security guard and driver... ZADAO!!!
But I really comfortable in the bus!!!!

But sadly I'm too boring in the bus so I play play with my handphone and berpicture with myself... wakakaka..
Right now I would like to announce that I'm safe at my friend's house. And the bus reach KL at around 10.30pm...

Ehem... I know it is very early now, but I don't feel like sleeping now.... Lolzzzzz

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