Monday, April 6, 2009


Lately I feel very unhappy although I still need to face so many things. Keeping a secret is very tough but I know that something we can say and something we cannot say. I believe you know that well too.

I have a friend which is not a close or best friend. I think that he is being weird lately so far. Yeah, maybe is just I think or maybe there isn't anything weird, just I am the one who think that. But the problems is when I talk with his friends they also realize that he is acting very weird lately and pretend to be very happy infront of us.
Sure you will ask how weird is he. He become more silent than usual. When we smsed, he only return me in single word like 'yes' or 'no'. I did call him several time, but he sounds sad and very unhappy. I asked him many times what happen but he didn't willing to share either. What can I do?
Trying to figure out what's the problem that he facing is really a tough job too. Isit so difficult to tell people about how yourself thinking or feeling. I believe it is. That's why I seldom tell anyone about this.

Since I can do nothing in this case, so I just wait there and trying to find some friends to go figure out what happen. Sms him and tell him to smile more often because I am sure that he seldom smile lately.

Anyway, I wish all the best to him and hope that all the unhappiness will run off away from him.

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  1. Save your breathe, he's as stubborn as you're anyway. What's the point of asking him to tell you his problem like how I asked you? He/ You wont tell no matter how you force your way through. How are you going to start helping him without any clue of what he had underwent? It's not that people dont want to help him/ you.