Thursday, April 9, 2009


It is almost 2.30 in the morning. Althought it is morning but the sky is still very dark. They say at this moment there are lots of 'things' coming out. I am affraid of them of course but I really don't feel like sleeping although I already feel tired.
Later I am going to sleep. Sure I will sleep but just not now. Maybe 3am or right after I finish this post. I don't know. This few days, I feel sleepy easily but I don't know why I hate sleep. Whenever I sleep for how long, I will still fell sleepy.

I am glad that I take half day leave today. I used the reason as I am going to fetch my grandma who is coming to Kuantan to visit us. Hey, I'm not blufing la. It is true that I am going to bus stop to fetch her. I'm going to accompany her in the evening. I'm sure that she will be very sien to stay here, because my house got no ASTRO.
I am very excited. Not because of celebrating Miss Irene's birthday, but it is because I'm going to off for half day tomorrow. I can stay at home. I can rest mentally. haha

Actually something happen in Taska today... Opps is yesterday. Our business admin brought a Malay lady and show her everything about the Day Care to her and recommend us that she will coming to work on next week. Then all of us were like:" huh? how come, now we are facing problems that too many teacher liao, and now they hire one more new teach??" Actually I'm very extra at there liao. After discuss with mummy, mummy said that work until end of this month la. But after I see this happen. I decided to work till next week nia. Haven't tell mummy yet. I really dislike is, they even ask me to make milk for the children's tea break. Lol, they see me to free liao, that's why they are very not suang. I'm not very suang with them too lo.. Ask me to make milk. This is not my job leh.. I shouldn't be doing this and I'm not told to do this when interview. This is very unfair.

Whatever la, I just hope that I can leave the place as soon as possible, so that I no need to face stress at there anymore. I really got no idea why I will work at there, maybe is because I'm too desperate to earn money liao....

Good Night....

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