Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello Home~ ♥♥♥

I'm home now!!!  I don't know how to express my feeling here, but the feeling is excited and very happy~
There are lots of things happen on the way back home.

1.  I was so worried since morning when I brought out my luggage because my luggage is so damn heavy.  I can't really carry it by myself!  Plus my course-mate said she got penalty like really a lot because she exceed the weight, then I got no mood in the whole morning although I get to go home very soon.  Fortunately my luggage only 19.9kg!!!  Wow!  I'm so so so lucky right~ =D

2.  8 of us in a mini bus.  I know is not a lot of people, but if added together with luggage then that will be a lot!  We squeeze ourselves and luggage until almost become sardine already... >.<

3.  From campus to Labuan airport, we been block by guard to check our laptop one by one.  wtf!!!  He wasted our time like around 30 minutes...  We were all squeeze until like sardine already but the guard still want to check so slow... >.<|||  Wasted our precious time only...

4.  After we checked in our luggage and ourselves, we went to McD to have our lunch.  I was damn hungry and I was so damn happy because my luggage wasn't overweight as what I thought!  8 of us, eating together.  Hurmp... all are multimedia students except for 3 of us... I really didn't know what to talk to them because we are not in the same course and not very close to each other also.

5.  Received message from MAS that flight delayed.  >.<||| Again!!!!  Sigh... but luckily flight from KL to Kuantan wasn't delayed. =)

6.  Finally reached KL.  Syn Wei kept telling me that she gonna miss me during the long holiday.  (miss me then come Kuantan to find me la)  All of us separated in KLIA and move ahead to wait for the next flight.

7.  I was so so boring while waiting for Kuantan's flight.  I wanted to online, but the plug was too far and beside the toilet!  Ewwwww
So I can only use my phone to online awhile and sms more.  I smsed to 4 people in one time!  Hahahaha, can you believe that?  =p
At the end I feel that I shouldn't just sms only.  So I saw a lady sitting beside me.  I talked to her.... Talked to her a lot!!!  And guess what? I got to know that she is now working for MAS and is already 19 years!  Wow... (I know I'm very kepo la... )

8.  Thank God, finally I'm in the flight.  There are so many foreigners come to Kuantan.  I sat beside Indonesian.  I can hardly understand what they say... (I didn't mean to curi listen what they said... I was too boring and nothing to do)  There are few passengers who were so greedy and took lots of peanuts and keep them into their bag and pocket.  (KL to Kuantan flight, MAS provide juice and also peanuts)...  Greedy them... They are Chinese lo... So meng-xia-sui-kan lo...

9.  In the flight I get to know a junior who study in UMSkal too!  She lives in Indera Mahkota which is also Kuantan.  I didn't know that she is my junior and some more she is taking e-Commerce also!  Wow!!!!
While waiting for my friend to pick me up, I chit chat with her also...

Walao, so many things happened today.
I'm so so so tired but I wanna finished this post ny sleep...
I can't believe I'm in Kuantan already...
And finally
Home sweet Home~

Good Night~

Cai Yi

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