Monday, May 30, 2011

Secret Garden

Yesterday officially finish 20 episodes of Secret Garden, a Korean drama.
The story is about a rich guy fell in love with a poor girl.  The girl's father died to save the guy's life when the guy was in 21st years old.

They didn't know about this at first, and they found out near end of the drama.

The mother of the rich guy couldn't accept the poor girl to be as the rich guy's girlfriend.  Even when the rich guy decided to marry with the poor girl and 3 kids were born, the mother still couldn't accept her, only talk and play with her grandchildren.

It is a nice drama just middle part of the drama a little bit of ridiculous and doesn't make sense.
But there is a part that I agree the most.  Go ahead and continue your life with your loves one, although your parents are disagree with it.  Think about it, your partner will be the one who accompany and stay beside you until you old, and your parents can't, because they will die early than you.

So conclusion, don't simply end a relationship just because your parents do not like your girlfriend or boyfriend...

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