Monday, May 2, 2011

Senior Shiang's Birthday + Indian Cuisine

Yesterday was Shiang's birthday.  Wish her Happy Birthday again~
Leng, the organizer suggested the plan to have birthday celebration for her.  Guess it would be their last gathering as everybody is going back soon.  Since I never celebrate her birthday (I just knew her during my second year) and I wish to gather with them for one last time before we apart, so I attend the birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Shiang~ 


And we got Indian cuisine which prepared by Esywara~

The food are really delicious!  I wanted to eat more but I was so full already...
That was the first time I tried his cooking, and that would also the last time...
I want to eat again la... >.<

p/s: the pizzas are bought from pizza hut, not made by Esywara~
p/s: someone said wanna cook curry chicken... I am waiting lo... XD