Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bad Bad Day =(

I thought yesterday gonna be a good day, because I had facial appointment and I don't have to prepare dinner!
Yeah, it was a good day but when evening came it turns into bad bad day for me.  Weird thing is my brain told me to be sad but I don't know why I don't feel the sadness although I should feel it. > <

First of all, my morning is so normal that I had breakfast with daddy and I'm so lucky that I can meet my youngest sister which we aren't staying together.  (Happy.)  And then like usual I prepared lunch and waited mama and 2 of them came back from school. (Nothing special there also) While waiting for my bro and sis, I downloaded games into my phone.  I scare I will be bored during the journey to grandma's house, so I wanna find some entertainment that I can do during the whole journey.

Evening came.
Before I went out for my appointment, I wanted to message my friend to inform her that I was going out to fetch her.  Once I open the message file, my inbox is empty!  So common sense I turn off my phone and turn it back to see whether my message in inbox still there or not but who knows once I turn off my phone, my phone can't turn on back!
I was pissed, but I don't know why I feel that it wasn't important at all.  I didn't message my friend but straight away go there and fetch my friend.
The place where I went to do facial treatment, there is promotion for first timer which only half price of the normal price. ^0^
After all the facial treatment, there is a pool with fish inside, yeah, I went for fish spa.  It is included in my facial treatment, so I can enjoy my fish spa while waiting my friend finish her facial.
I took picture, but guest what I accidentally delete all pictures!
wtf!!!! (again)
So I have no choice but find from the Internet.
Outside fish spa the fish's color is like picture above, but the fish in there is orange in color, like this one:
I got no idea why this only got few fish only. (that isn't my leg)

Bad day right? Until now I still can't turn on my phone... So sad ah....   

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