Monday, August 15, 2011


There is a shopping mall in Singapore named Nex and I went there today! I want to shopping so desperately as I still haven't find a favourite formal shirt.
 Sigh, really find difficulty to find nice formal shirt with my body size. ='(  (auntie keeps on telling me to diet because I couldn't find one suitable formal shirt.)

Went to have lunch there once we reached the shopping mall.
Food in there not very salty and taste good, and surprisingly that the main dishes there got story! (you can read the story of the food above from the picture)
Then went to shop by shop to find formal clothes and I found this.
Nice dress right?! I wanted to buy but unforturnately I don't know when to wear it as the dress is above knee!  My school doesn't allow me to wear that to class. >.<
*please ignore my super round face please!

My goodness... I really find difficulty to choose nice clothes on me because of my fatness!  =((((
Somemore today I went out with my second auntie and grandma, both of them not good in shopping and cause I didn't get to fully untilize every moment in shopping mall.  If I went out with my younger auntie, she would have introduce me to a good shop.
I really didn't get good shopping today. =(((((

p/s: sigh, sometimes really find difficulty to communicate with people who have quite a distance of age =(


  1. ohhh... i didnt know u went to singapore ah... it's ok la... many ppl also hard to communicate with the ppl who are older :)

  2. you are so busy with your stuff.... long time didn't plurk with you already.. =(