Friday, August 5, 2011

Times Square Hotel!

Yeap, now I'm in Times Square Hotel!  I know I should be overnight at my auntie's house but since my auntie who comes from Singapore is going to stay in Times Square Hotel, so I will stay here too!
Well, this is not the first time I come here also, second time but I really do miss the environment here because of the high class room and comfortable bathroom!

The bathroom and toilet is in different room! There are separated with a unlock door.  Then you and your family can have shower and pee together... XD
The kitchen is so comfortable too! You can find jar, cups, classes and also plate there!  You can even heat up your food with microwave there. =)
Convenient and sweet right?

I think after you see the pictures and what I discribed, I think you can guess how much this room cost.

Me: this room cost around RM300+ right?
Auntie: nola, is around 100+ like that...
Me: got that cheap meh? is it because today is weekday?
(now come to think of it, Firday is consider as weekend for hotel)
Auntie: oh, 100+ is in Singapore Dollar... *laugh*
Me: then what is the different of RM300+ with SGD100+???
(my cousin and I laugh out loud)

There is swimming pool here also, but too bad I didn't bring my swimming suit here... =(((

They are having their supper now, I scare fat and I feel that it is unhealthy so I didn't join them.

Tomorrow I'm going out with friends! I'm so excited now!!! I never meet any University friends other than when we are in Labuan!!!!

p/s: pregnant woman is always the prettiest. =)


  1. walao eh why you snap your cousin brother when he's peepee-ing?

  2. he was just acting nia... we purposely de. =p