Tuesday, August 16, 2011


VIVO city today! 
 We planed to go Sentosa together today and after I have a short visit in Sentosa, I will go to VIVO city for shopping around 3 to 4 hours and go back to Sentosa to pick up my grandma who will be in casino for that hours.
But at the end, when we reached VIVO city, my youngest auntie came to pick up my grandma and bring her to Sentosa.  (FYI: from Punggol to Sentosa, we have to sit another MRT from Punggol to VIVO city, then transit from VIVO city to Sentosa by LRT.)  I wanted to go Sentosa at first if we stick to the first plan, but now can't as nobody will bring me back from Sentosa to VIVO city for shopping, so I stay in VIVO city with my elder auntie.
I started to shop once grandma leave us to Sentosa, VIVO city is really big, my auntie and I were lost! We couldn't find shop that we wanted to go!!! That time I felt like ghosts are covering our eyes! (Ghost month)
I have been trying lots of clothes today, but didn't buy the clothes because of too expensive.
I wanted to buy them all, but the price is like so high! :'(
So after the testing we went Burger King to have our tea time.  We wanted to go food court as there got variety of food and drinks, but we couldn't find the right escalator to basement! We went round and round and we gave up and walk straight ahead to Burger King.
After Burger King, we decided to find out where is the food court located so we can have our dinner there and so funny, we actually keep on passing the escalator but we didn't see the escalator that link to the food court! wtf!
While finding, my head keep on popping up clothes that I tried just now, so decided to buy some of them.  I bought another formal wear since I will wear them for class, but by the time we want to find the shop, the shop don't know hide to where! Walao, then we only realize that the shopping mall is hell so big! > <|||

p/s: actually I like the yellow dress, but I couldn't give myself a good reason to buy it.  I got no idea when I will wear it after I buy it.
p/s: I know I'm fat... =((
p/s: I look good in which clothes????


  1. The white shirt and black pants look classy, N.I.C.E! :)