Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shopping In Singapore~

Shopping is the best exercise for girls!  (We can walk for whole day, seriously! =D)
I didn't know that I get to go for shopping today as my auntie got appointment with the doctor today.  (I thought she will be very tired after the body check up, thought she wanna rest after she came back but who knows I still manage to go out!)
I'm not familiar with the road in Singapore, I don't even know how to use the MRT here unless I go out with my cousins or auntie.
I am still now staying in Whampoa with my small auntie and tomorrow going to move my baggage to my second auntie who stay in Punggol!
(It's so nice that I have 2 aunties here in Singapore~)

In the afternoon, I went to City Square with them and had my lunch there.  I had McDonald there.  I know that you all will ask me why I choose to eat McDonald there as I can have it in Malaysia, but the McDonald there is totally different from Malaysia! They have what we don't have! =p
Chicken McGrill Burger.
Erm... so what we call this in Malaysia?  We call this GCB, Grilled Chicken Burger.  We don't have Pepper Chicken McGrill Burger in Malaysia, but we can find that in Singapore!  (I didn't eat that because I know it is spicy!)
After that I went to buy some clothes for my mom and then took a grand tea time when tea time was here.
Seriously, my high tea is more expensive than my lunch! >.<|||
So paiseh... ^^'''  but my aunties were happy to see me smiling all the time because of tasty food!  (They know I love to eat~)

I continued my shopping after we went to another shopping mall.  I forgot the name of the place. (I think is Bugis if not mistaken) I bought lots of things there! Things there are super cheap! (In SGD please)
Bought this and that...
All day long, I bought this:
*that 2 pairs of shoes I bought yesterday.
2 shirts for mummy, watches for sister and me each, a formal skirt, hair curler, a handbag, and a nail polish!
I wanted to buy the formal shirt too, but auntie said that shirt doesn't suit me... I looked fat on it... @@
For sister and I.
For sister.

I had dinner in
I didn't take much picture when I was eating because the waiter that keep on serve us!  I was so embarrassing!  I ordered a dishes with lots of bones inside (is pork bones) and I didn't know how to take away the bones!!! The waiter taught me to bring down the pork onto my plate then ny can take away the bones! Walao... so embarrassing... >.<|||
But, their services are really tumbs up!  The waiter even asked my grandma whether the food are nice. =)

p/s: I spent a lot today!  Gosh... really pokai dy... but I haven't find any formal shirt for myself... >.<

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