Friday, August 5, 2011

Next Destination --> KL

I'm now currently in KL, staying in my relative's house.
After the first destination at grandma's house, now I continue with my second destination at KL. 
I'm not sure whether I get to have real holiday here. (real holiday means get to go to places in KL) Because KL is actually to pass by from grandma's house to Genting Highland.  Well, I will still have 2 nights here in KL.

8am from grandma's house to KL here.  First time come KL with grandma, first time come KL along with my luggage, first time I have to bring myself from Titiwangsa to Bandar Tasik Selatan with grandma.
Because of the first time, I experience something and I also get into the wrong LRT...

I didn't know that one railroad might have 2 LRT pass by! I wanted to go to Bandar Tasik Selatan by Sri Petaling lane, but who knows I mistakenly got into Ampang lane!  Luckily I still manage to change to the other LRT and successfully reach the destination that I want to go.
I never know that there will be 2 LRT in a railway, at least I never experience this in Singapore. (I know this is Malaysia)  But I'm not the only onw who make this mistake, there was an foreigner who made the same mistake as I am, proven is not my fault... =p

Anyway, I still manage to reach the destination safely, not worst as I thought.  My friend has been telling me this and that, but I didn't see any of the thing that he said happen~
Well, lucky me then. =))
Waiting my Singapore auntie to come here to meet with us, then I think we can spend some time shopping in KL.  Hehe
I want to buy some formal clothes and do some shopping here too!

Oh, by the way, today is my cousin's birthday.  No present for him, but I told him that my arrival is the best present for him.  (guess he feel that would be the worst present in his life. XD)
Guess I will just update again when there is something nice happen again.
Stay tune! =D

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