Monday, August 8, 2011

Genting Highlands

I'm now currently in The Coffee Bean, I just want to online but there is no wireless here and I have to come to this cafe and order a cup of hot chocolate, find a corner sit down there and turn on my laptop and online.
I never know that I will do this, but yes! I'm doing this.
The hot chocolate is not very cheap, but taste good.  I love the mashmallow inside the hot chocolate.
A cup of hot chocolate and laptop will be my side while my auntie, uncle and grandma is in the casino.

This is the first time I been to Genting and got into casino and make myself a Genting Card.
*the card above is my genting card while the card below is my hotel room card*
I saw Roy when I registered for my Genting Card, he said I fat already... *sob sob*

Before I made my Genting card, the security guard outside the casino ask for my IC!  Alright, that time I didn't put on make up, maybe I look like underage, but the security guard still ask about my age after that everytime I got into the casino even though I put on make up!
People inside looking at me like they are looking at an alien, I really got no idea why.  I look weird or what?

Luckily Edwin is working in Genting, at least I still got other thing to do other than following them to casino sitting there doing nothing.
First day went to Genting, I had KFC with Edwin, and thanks to him for the dinner and just now went movie with him. 
This movie is damn funny, non-stop laughing when I watched this movie.  But too bad I just realized that there are lots of part been cut.  You know la... Malaysia... >.<
I think I will download this movie again to watch the full version.

Seriously I got nothing to do when the 'adults' were in casino, my mom told me not to gamble, although I did some gambling when I was in there, but I still find boring when I got nothing to do in there. >.<
I know I know that I look exhausted and tired!
I really am tired now... I didn't get a good night sleep because of the snooring sound and I didn't get to have nap in the evening.

I think tomorrow I don't feel wanna go into casino again, I will just stay in the hotel and went out there to take some pictures...

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